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Igniting the Buying Conversation (IBC) vs. Traditional Sales Approaches 

The Fundamental Differences

Sales training uses a sales model that is well over 100 years old.  Are the world and people today like they were 100 years ago?

(The definition of an antique is anything over 100 years old.)

Old Sales Training worked but diminishing returns are happening in most areas of the market.

Old Sale Models

Sales  Pain – solution – close…
Current but outdated sales paradigm.
This does work but is there a better way?

New Model – STOP Selling and Increase Sales…

Ignite a Buying Conversation

IBC     Fear Dream Quantify Close  new paradigm

Sales  Training assumes people will buy based on pain
Sales is based on finding their pain and giving them a solution

The problem with this model is:

1. People deal with and have dealt with so much pain most people have learnt to ignore or endure pain.

2. Sales training teaches people to “twist the knife” so the prospect feels more pain.  Prospect will buy to stop the pain from the sales agent. When the prospect leaves, they leave with more pain, confusion and wonder if they really need the product or service being sold.

3. The problem with this is the prospect will return and ask for a refund more frequently.

Pain is no longer the main paradigm that people use to make a buying decision.

IBC Today FEAR is more of a driver than pain.
Fear has well known reactions:
Fight or Flight response.
Both Fight and Flight require actions to happen, it’s hard wired into our brain.
We want action to be taken…

Sales Has the reputation of trying to talk people into the sale.
IBC    Have a conversation and listen to discover their fears.
There are only 4 fears and they are easy to listen for.

Sales  Assumes everyone is likely going to buy
IBC     Assumes everyone is seeking clarity in order to find and remove Fear

Sales  Tell them why they need what you are selling.
IBC     Help prospect to get a clear understanding of their Dream

Sales  is convincing, usually by telling…  Do you like being told what you need?
IBC     is guiding a discovery within a conversation

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